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Welcome to DefConSoccer! If you’re here, it’s probably because you love soccer, you love gambling, or some combination of the above. We love the beautiful game, and we love the excitement of wagering on a game. is a perfect gateway for people who like gambling on soccer and maybe want a little extra information about how to do it legally here in the United States.

Oh, AND please have some free experts’ picks, on the house.

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Bet on Soccer in the US

In our Legal Betting in the US section, you can find out information about whether your state allows sports gaming and how to go about placing bets legally. In our Free Soccer Betting Picks section, the lads provide insights and picks on upcoming games this week.

If you’re a newbie to soccer betting check out our How to Bet on Soccer link. It will give you a basic primer on how to bet on soccer games, the different kinds of wagers you can make, and how to read a basic odds, moneyline, and point spread sheets and other information that you will find in sports gambling websites and casinos.

Finally check out our Soccer Prediction Competitions for opportunities to win jerseys, tickets, and other promotional items! It’s free to enter!

As always, gamble responsibly!

Soccer Picks and Soccer Prop Bets

Here at DefConSoccer, our goal is to provide you both content that might improve your results as a gambler, and the opportunity to find out if there are ways that you can legally gamble on soccer in your home state. Will be offering weekly picks and tips for the Bundesliga, the English Premier League, MLS, Champions League soccer, and other major international soccer competitions.

DefConSoccer is run by two lifelong soccer fans, both of whom have an above average track record of soccer gambling. Of course, as with any gambling, there are no guarantees, but as the old saying goes knowledge is power! So, arm yourselves with our expertise before jumping into the soccer gambling world!

Where Can You Bet on Soccer Online?

Well, that depends on which state you’re in!  Depending on state, a variety of sports betting apps are available.  Find your state below:

  • Indiana Soccer Betting
  • Colorado Soccer Betting
  • New Jersey Soccer Betting
  • West Virginia Soccer Betting
  • Nevada Soccer Betting
  • Iowa Soccer Betting
  • Pennsylvania Soccer Betting

We recommend you try Draftkings, first and foremost!  With the smoothest app out there, a pristine reputation, and a huge range of soccer props and soccer games to bet on, you will be pleased.

And who knows… maybe we’ll take a liking to you and send you a free soccer jersey now and then, just for contacting us and saying hello. Maybe one of THESE beauties…

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