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Defconner and Rex.  We own your soccer.  We just… know.. more than you.

About Defconsoccer

This Isn’t Either of Us. But He Looks Cozy. And Arrogant.

Sorry About That

Why do we exist? Simple. Not only are we there to point out the blatantly obvious flaws in YOUR soccer team, but we’re really keen on telling you where you lonely and bedraggled soccer fans in the US can bet on soccer!

Yes! You can legally bet on soccer in the US. It’s true! Unless you’re in one of the many states where you can’t. But otherwise, yes! And we’ll keep you posted on every state where it’s legal to bet on soccer and what the best betting promotions are!

Finally, we’ll also throw out absolutely free soccer picks that have a better chance of winning than if your goldfish picked for you. And who knows… maybe we’ll take a liking to you and send you a free soccer jersey now and then, just for joining our mailing list.

Thanks for coming! And please hit us up with any comments or similar.