The “Oh, so we ARE doing this?” edition. MLS is Back Picks July 9th – July 10th

So, good idea or not (I vaguely mentioned my opinion on the last blog post) – it looks like the MLS is Back is at least going to start.

Dallas and Nashville have been eliminated at an early stage due to a mysterious pandemic that nobody knew anything about.

Thus, the groups have been changed from the preferred previous structure of two groups with 9 teams, three groups with two teams, and one group with nobody in it to something more relatable:  four groups of six teams.

Picks July 9th-July 10th:

Montreal v New England :

See, here’s the thing. Thierry Henry is a bad coach.  One of the best players to ever grace a soccer ball with his foot.  A bad coach.

Maybe he’ll become a better coach with time.  But that time isn’t 2020.  And, unfortunately, what the Impact need this year is a good coach.  They’re not a stacked team, and they’re not a team that is likely to break any goal-scoring records.  They’re a team set up for possession, but under Henry’s tutelage, I’m going to bet you that a whole lot of that possession is pointless.

This game will be no exception.  Look for Montreal to have the majority of possession but get outshot… and outscored.

New England wins one-nil.   With their slick jersey.  Check out that beauty!

Seattle v San Jose :

One of my rules of betting on the MLS is:  bet on Seattle against bad teams in the regular season.  San Jose showed some improvement in 2019, but still missed the playoffs.

Both teams can score.  San Jose, though, is pretty superb at conceding.

I’m looking for Lodeiro and Morris to dominate the game.  A goal and an assist for Morris, an assist for Lodeiro.  San Jose sneaks in a late consolation goal.

Seattle 3 San Jose – 1

Stay Tuned..

More picks coming soon.  We’ll keep a handy tracker for you after this round of games so you can chart our picks and see if we’re worth following!