Soccer Picks

Soccer Betting Picks

Every week, sometimes, every day, we’ll update our blog and picks pages with soccer picks for soccer betting.  We’ll get as many picks for as many leagues as possible, but we fancy ourselves ‘experts’ (lowercase a for sure) in EPL, Bundesliga, and MLS picking.

One thing that’s unusual among American soccer bettors is interest in betting on the over/under.  This is not the norm for European bettors on soccer – who are more prone to take a prop

We’ll keep a running tally each week of our wins and losses.   You’ll see that we’re right about absolutely everything, each and every week. Or not.


Soccer Betting Picks

Bundesliga Soccer Picks

The Bundesliga is routinely the highest scoring high-profile league in Europe. Why?  German engineering.

But also, the quality of attack and finishing is the world’s best.

Find Bundesliga soccer picks and your options for betting on the Bundesliga in the US here.

English Premier Soccer Picks

The EPL is the world’s most popular league, although one could question whether it’s the world’s best league.

It’s fast, it’s furious… except when a 19th place team parks the bus against Liverpool or Man City. This is why you see close games in the Prem between teams at the top and bottom of the table.  Not because  the teams are close in talent.  You don’t see this in La Liga, for example, because the 19th placed team comes to play and tries to compete against the Barcelona’s and Real’s of the world.

MLS Soccer Picks

Frankly, betting on the MLS is an absolute mess.  Unless you’re betting on LAFC to win or on NYCFC to score a bunch or FC Cincinnati to concede a LOT of goals, this is a very difficult league to bet on.  We’ll try to help you out.