Major League Soccer Betting Picks

MLS Is Back Soccer Betting and Picks

HEY! SWEET! The MLS is Back Tournament begins July 8th or so..  I’ll believe the starting date when it actually begins. In the meantime, watching the Covid-19 cases roll in doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence that it’ll start on time. But.. EVENTUALLY it… might.  And I can’t wait.

MLS is Back First Tournament Odds here!

Group Game Picks for July 8th & July 9th right here!

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If you’re in a hurry.. here’s our picks for winner of each group, assuming Covid-19 doesn’t sweep all the groups:

Group A:  Philadelphia Union

Group B: FC Dallas

Group C: Montreal Impact

Group D:  Colorado Rapids

Group E:  Atlanta United

Group F:  LAFC

Where can you bet on the MLS?

Many states have  sports betting, with widely different rules, often requiring you to register in person at a casino.  If you’re looking for a purely mobile betting experience, where you never have to leave  the comfort of your couch and look at anything besides your laptop or phone, here’s where you can bet on the MLS from home.

  • New Jersey – Bet on the MLS Online in New Jersey
  • Colorado – Bet on the MLS Online in Colorado
  • Indiana – Bet on the MLS Online in Indiana
  • Pennsylvania – Bet on the Bundesliga Online in Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia – Bet on the MLS Online in West Virginia

MLS Betting Tips

Look, the MLS is pretty goofy.  You know it, I know it.  I love it, but it’s just a goofy league with a goofy season, goofy transfer and allocation rules, and goofy personnel on each team.  Your standard MLS player is not particularly good, but they could easily be surrounded by Designated Players who are fantastic.

Outside of China, you’re not going to find a more disparate skill level OR salary level intrateam.  Where else are you going to find Zlatan Ibrahimovic, making $7 million a year, yelling at some slightly below mediocre LA Galaxy player whose on about $80k a year?

With this enormous skill difference, this leads to a couple betting tips:L

Bet on The MLS Designated Players

  • The MLS Designated Players, not always,  but often, can make the regular league players look pretty silly – and the talent superiority often manifests in goals.  Carlos Vela is going to score. Josef Martinez is going to score.  Zlatan or Chicharito or whomever the Galaxy splash money on are *probably* going to score.  So, bet on it.
  • Having ONE productive DP can essentially lock up a play-off spot.  Having TWO or even THREE productive DP’s means that team is going to win CONSTANTLY.  So, find that team with 2-3 DP’s that are playing well together – and bet on them.

Bet on Refs

  • Yeah, it sounds weird.  But find out how often a VAR ref or on-field ref gives yellow cards and red cards and bet accordingly on number of red/yellow cards prop bets.  Simply put, there are some amateurish refs as well in MLS and you can take advantage of that.

Pick a Team.  Or Two.  Good ones.

  • Familiarize yourself with all the ins and outs of that team.  Focus on betting solely on those teams you pick after you know them backwards and forwards.
  •  So, who do you pick if you just want a team that wins?  Well… in 2020, you’ll be safe picking LAFC, NYCFC, and Atlanta United.  Not just to win, but to score a lot as well.  Dark horses:  Colorado. Montreal, and Minnesota.   Teams to avoid if you’re looking for winners?  LA Galaxy (although betting against them may pay off), the two expansion teams, and NYRB.

Check Back Often for Free MLS Picks and MLS Betting Tips

We’ll put our weekly picks on this page and in our blog – as well as constantly updating tips for betting on the MLS.

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