English Premier League Soccer Betting Picks

EPL Soccer Betting in the US

Against many expectations, the Premier League is back and roaring! Liverpool has locked up the title (shocking, I know), but there’s still plenty to play for.

We have all the EPL Picks right here for October 17th-October 20th!

If you’re in a hurry, though.. here’s a preview pick…

Saturday, October 17: Chelsea v. Southampton

Chelsea (-200) v Southampton (+500)

I see neither an upset nor any hidden value in a draw (+350) or win play for Southampton. To me, this is an easy pick.

Pick: Chelsea (-200)

Where can you bet on the EPL?

Many states have  sports betting, with widely different rules, often requiring you to register in person at a casino.  If you’re looking for a purely mobile betting experience, where you never have to leave  the comfort of your couch and look at anything besides your laptop or phone, here’s where you can bet on the MLS from home.

  • New Jersey – Bet on the EPL Online in New Jersey
  • Colorado – Bet on the EPL Online in Colorado
  • Indiana – Bet on the EPL Online in Indiana
  • Pennsylvania – Bet on the EPL Online in Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia – Bet on the EPL Online in West Virginia

English Premier League Betting Tips 2020

  • Don’t waste your time betting on the underdog too often. Although it’s been sold as the most competitive league in the world, it’s typically not.  What I mean by that is that the top 6 teams (a new top 6 is emerging this year) beat the lower teams in the table consistently and reliably.
  • That said, there’s always a team that has a bugaboo away team.  Like Manchester United away to Brighton…
  • Liverpool and Man City score a LOT of goals.  If they’re playing any team that’s not completely a bus-parker, bet the over on goals.  If nothing else, it’ll be entertaining.
  • Always find a prop bet and take it on Mane or Salah to score and Liverpool to win. It’s happened… well, over 75% of the time this year.
  • Aston Villa will look superb, play ANY opponent evenly, and then find a way to lose or concede a draw in the last 5 minutes.  It’s what they do.

About the English Premier League

It’s fast.  It’s exciting.  It’s insanely popular across the world.  It does wonderful marketing.  It’s dreadful at VAR and has dubious amounts of stoppage time. It’s possibly overrated from a skill perspective.

Feast your eyes, my friend – highlights from the 2019-2020 EPL Season.